OUR PASSION IS YOUR BENEFIT... We have a passion for cause-centered business' and faith-based organizations dedicated  to helping improve ourcommunities, but we also know how to serve individuals, start-ups and corporate clients as well.

Marketing Strategy
Communication begins with the eyes...


Many small and medium businesses, churches and ministries come to us with the same concerns - how to gain more visibility on line, build brand loyalty, and improve marketing ROI.

The D. James Group cross-media marketing approach addresses these concerns in a very practical and intelligent way. Having an effective marketing strategy can be the life or death of a business. Big competitive advantages in the marketplace always come from "better recipes", not just more cooking!"

Web, print and interactive media all play a role and there is a time, reason and method for using each to connect with your target audience.

Web + Digital Media
Connect in ways that get results...


By now, you know it's common knowledge that simply being online doesn't guarantee that visitors will arrive at your website or vistit your Facebook page. It's also a fact that simply driving visitors to your site won't guarantee that they'll do anything once they arrive.

SEO, QR Codes, HTML5, CSS, Social Media— with so many acronyms and options flying around, it's difficult, as a business owner, to determine what will help you succeed online. The fact is the landscape is covered with new devices  and methods for  delivering digital content.

The D. James Group has put a lot of energy into figuring out the right combination of technologies needed to help your business thrive online.

Creative Design Excellence
Good design always matters...


From graphics, branding, packaging, product and interior design, interactive media,  print  and  web  design... Design matters more now than ever before!

Businesses, no matter what they produce or sell, are recognizing the power and influential value of good design. With the growth and popularity of Apple iPad, iPhone,  Smart Phones, and eBooks... We have officially entered the Era of Design!

In  1 Samuel, chapter  16 verse 7,  the text says, "Man looks on the outside..."  The fact remains, that If (since) man look on the outside, the question then becomes "what are you showing them?".  Remember, Communication begins with the eyes!



our approach                  

Strategic thinking, design talent, and technical acumen are all integrated into the D. James Group's strategic approach to projects. Whether large or small, we give focus to the objective of the project


Web, print and interactive media all play a role and there is a time, reason and method for using each to connect with your target audience



"Doug, my friend .... God has to bless you for our sake alone!!  For God remembers your good works.  When the Apostle saw the work, he said, "Beautiful work", Pastor Jay.... where has this guy been?  I told him the Lord has been faithful in keeping you close by.  Doug, you are so anointed.  I don't know if you know how much God's Hands are on YOU!! It's not by might nor power but by His Spirit and The Spirit of the Lord is upon YOU!! Yes, indeed!!"

- J. Campbell  COP | Global Interest

about  us                  

Douglas N. James, Sr.             President | Creative Director

Our president brings more than 25 years of Fortune 500, senior management experience in organizing a highly effective team.

Doug is a very creative marketing communications professional with extensive management experience as a former strategic member of Corporate & Direct Marketing, eBusiness and Information Technology teams.

During Doug’s tenure in the high-tech and Oil & Gas industry [Gulf Publishing Co. Compaq Computers & Hewlett–Packard Company] he has won numerous awards for Design, Print, Technical Communication, and General Creative Excellence.

Doug has also had the privilege of being a subject matter expert and guest speaker at various trade shows, seminars, and organizations events.



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In the business of design, we must know opportunities to exploit as well as pitfalls to avoid so they can maximize the return on (design)  investment. Below are topics that provide design insight for The D. James Group.  


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