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The Golden Triangle  Empowerment Center (GTEC) has one mission: To create self sufficiency and self advocacy opportunities for the individuals it will service through life skills education and specific (Oil and Gas) job training.


As a burgeoning start-up, GTEC was in need of a strategic marketing plan and related deliverables to educate and inform  a disenfranchised population about the ensuing employment possibilities coming to the tri-county area, through the GTEC effort.Focusing on the Port Author, Beaumont and Orange counties, the empowerment center was designed to help local, disengaged residents take advantage of the forth coming Oil and Gas related employment opportunities slated in the tri county area.


With a quickly expanding portfolio of developments, GTEC turned to the D. James group to develop a marketing communications plan, a brand identity, website and related deliverables that would serve the community in a way that that connected to them.